Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Buster v. Bargain--Get Your Ruch on the Cheap

I fell in love with ruched sleeves about four years ago when I bought a tissue-thin multicolored striped top from H&M that had the ruched detailing on the sleeves.  Currently, I see ruched sleeves everywhere... and I love it.  I think the detail adds a bit of feminine flair that tops the cute factor of cap sleeves.  Plus, if the tone of your upper arms (or lack thereof) isn't up to snuff, I think this style can act as a camoflauge for the extra flab.  However, I don't know about you, but I have no inclination to spend $175 on a cotton t-shirt... especially when you search through cheaper outlets and find the same thing for a lot less.
The Leelee t-shirt at Delia's (pictured at left and right) boasts six different colors:  black, coral, heather grey, olive, plum, and teal.  The Leelee striped version comes in three different combos:  black/grey, blue/black, and purple/grey.  They also have the Mia brushed top, which comes in charcoal grey and black.  The Mia top looks exactly like the Leelee, except it lacks the spandex portion of the poly-rayon blend.  However, at $29.50 per t-shirt... I still find that a little high for my taste, because I like stocking up on these types of basics.

Now... THIS is more like it.  Ahhhh~ Forever 21, you are always after my heart (and my paycheck).  I mean, when you can get such a similar item on the cheap... why the hell not?
*Ruched Sleeve Knit Top (10 colors) - $4.50
*Fab Ruched Sleeve Top (pink and white) - $6.50
*Polka Dot Knit Top (grey/black dot and cream/black dot) - $9.99
*Ruched Sleeve Knit Top (cream and black) - $13.80
*Lace Shirred V-Neck Top (cream) - $12.80
I mean, c'mon folks.  I, for one, would definitely snag a bunch of these online or at my nearest F21.  The lace version is already in my shopping bag.  If you need even MORE options, check out H&M.  I saw some really soft and cuddly versions of the striped and polka dot (grey/cream dot), as well as some solid colors, for a friendly price of $9.99.  I recently bought the grey/cream dot version for a work wardrobe I'm updating for a friend.  It looked fantastic with a black pencil skirt.
I mean, F21 even provides you with a more relaxed and sporty version, akin to the baggier white top that Rachel Bilson sports up top.  I dunno... $12.64 versus $175??  Could be a brainbuster for sure as to which to choose.

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