Friday, May 21, 2010

Pure Lust--Connect Me to the FC!

I have this habit of tearing out magazine pages of items I lust after... if you don't believe me, visit my apartment... and you'll find an accordion folder full of them.  I decided it would be a pet project of mine to start going through them on a regular basis and organizing them in some manner.  I am really not sure how to do it effectively yet, but I did rifle through some pages... and came up with this dress...

French Connections Romany Rose Dress is available at Bloomingdale's and Zappos, but at a whopping $178.  Mmmmm~ yeeeeeah, no.  Can't afford you right now, my lovely sweetheart neckline wonder, but I will be keeping my eye on you.  Also, here are a few other droolworthy dresses currently available at FC.

Now, French Connection's Floriana dress is quite the beaute, ain't she?  The whimsical print and the vibrant trim, and even the pleats scream, "I am perfect for summer!!"  **Sigh**  Yet, again, $198 is not quite budget-friendly... but a girl can dream, right?

The simplicity and class of black and white just never goes out of style for me.  This French Connection Dandy Voile Dress allows a girl to play up her shoe and accessory collection.  Why?  Because a brightly-colored shoe and some stand-out accessories would make a smashing outfit for so many occasions.

Well, it would be depressing for me to leave y'all with a bunch of dresses most of us cannot afford (easily, that is)... so I thought I would throw this one in.  I actually am contemplating purchasing this one, even though it isn't available in petites.  Banana Republic is never cheap, and the regular price of this Floral V-Neck Dress in Purple is no exception, but at $59.99 on sale, it is a great deal.  Plus, if you are a BR cardholder, you should have gotten coupons in the mail for 25% and 30% off opportunities!!

**Just on an unrelated note, I apologize for the irregularity of my posts this week.  I am still adjusting to balancing a heavy work schedule (the job that pays the bills)... and throwing all my time and effort into this passion.  Thanks for your patience!!  :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cute Color Combo--Shades of Royalty

After a quick scan of my closet, I realized I did not have that much purple.  I am not sure why this is the case, but I have been falling in love with various shades of purple as of late.  I have always loved the richness of gold, so "shades of royalty" is my inspiration today.  ModCloth's Golden Rule Dress oozes luxury through its lovely cream and gold fabric, and the soft purple Jessica Simpson suede platform peeptoe pumps add an extra oomph of class.  You can top the entire outfit off with some sparkly rhinestone pieces of jewelry (these are from JcPenney), or you can keep it simple with a pair of rhinestone stud earrings.  Regardless of what route you choose, you will have an outfit fit for a queen!

Sale Mail--Gilt Groupe and Juicy Couture

The weather in DC is--just plain weird these days.  We have beautiful sunny days with mild summer temps peaking at 80 degrees interspersed with stormy afternoons that will dip the overall temps to the 60s.  I saw these jackets at the Juicy Couture Gilt Groupe sale, and I thought they were perfect for what I have been seeking as a jacket lately.  Something breathable, flexible, but still embodies a distinct style.  I love the edge and comfort that this knit 3/4 sleeve jacket (comes in black and grey) offers.  It is perfect to throw on with jeans and a tank to run to the grocery store, but also pairs nicely with a cute summer dress to wear out!!  And--don't get me started on how much I love 3/4 sleeves in the summer.  :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Res Ipsa Loquitur--The Olsen Twins

WHY do the Olsen twins always look like they are homeless??  I just don't get it.  Dressing like you found cheap and tacky items out of your granny's closet is NOT ATTRACTIVE.  Aaaand what's up with Mary Kate's makeup??  **sigh**  They always seem to look sallow... with limp locks to boot.  **double sigh**

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sale Mail--HauteLook, GiltGroupe and RueLaLa

Just a note... if anyone wants an invitation for any of the above designer discount sites, please let me know!!!  GiltGroupe is a personal favorite of mine... :) 

Buster v. Bargain--Gold Medal Winner and Blue Ribbon Worthy

I have been really into statement necklaces as of late (as you can tell from the recent posts), and the Kate Spade piece above was sent to me by M.  While the colors are not the same, the beauty of each necklace is apparent--whether it is Kate Spade's version in a vibrant turquoise shade of blue, or JcPenney's Blue and Gold Medallion Necklace in a rich and regal shade of royal blue.  Which do you like better??  I love them both!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sale Mail--Gilt Groupe and Amrita Singh

There were some comments/posts traffic last week about a turquoise stone necklace made by the always awesome Kate Spade.  I posted a much cheaper JcPenney alternative to the $200 Kate Spade version.  However, today's Gilt Groupe sale features Amrita Singh, who has some beautiful pieces that are worth checking out!!  The Swag Necklace and the Five Drop Necklace are gorgeous. 

Cute Color Combo--A Punch of Black and Blue

Since I can remember, I was always told not to wear black shoes with navy blue pants.  In fact, it really seemed like mixing black with darker shades of blue was a huge faux pas.  I think it is time for that to change.  I am not advocating a black shirt with a navy skirt/pants, but seriously--I am loving the combinations of royal blue and black I have been seeing lately.  The look is just so sleek!!  So~go out like a champ in some black and blue!!  I swear, I am not biased just because blue is one of my favorite colors.  :)
*Nordstrom - Herve Leger Double V-neck Cocktail Dress
*Forever21 - Pinched at the Center Dress
*Forever21 - Time to Shine Dress
*Forever21 - Denise Belted Dress

Friday, May 7, 2010

BTW--Wooden Platform or Wedge Do Not a Clog Make

On an added note--if you are the recipient of Nordstrom's eye-blinding clog email... I just wanted to clarify something.  Wooden platforms or wedges do not create a clog.  I am not saying that all wooden platforms or wedges add something positive to a shoe, but they certainly do not force it into the clog category.  Exhibit A--the Burberry Wooden Heel Sandal featured above in a rich wine leather IS NOT A CLOG.  It is a platform sandal.  Case closed.  So, clogs--go back to yard work where you belong--or preferably, just crawl into a dark cave where your wooden or biodegradable rubber will hopefully decompose.

Thou Shalt Not--Wear Clogs

Yesterday, as one of my status messages on gchat, I had "Clogs.  I just don't get them.  They are so freakin' fugly."  This was a reaction to an email I received from Nordstrom, featuring none other than... the clog.  A friend of mine responded to my status message with, "Drain-o.  It works wonders."  I laughed pretty hard at the fact that he had no idea I was deriding a shoe, but maybe he's on to something... because I really wish I could just "Drain-o" away all clogs in existence.
I really, really HATE clogs.  They have come and gone in the trend beat a few times in my lifetime, but their fugly nature remains.  Why do I hold such disdain for clogs?  Well, if the fact that CROCS are an entirely rubber CLOG is not enough, then... well... just LOOK at them.  There is nothing attractive or appealing about a clog.  While I mean no disrespect to the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, or Sweden, where clogs are seen as a form of national dress... OR the origins of the clog in some regions as a part of protective clothing for work in factories, mines, and farms... a positive fashion statement, they are not.  It blows my mind that people are willing to wear clunky wooden blocks as footwear--and think they look good.
Many of my kudos tally up to my favorite department mogul, Nordstrom, but today... I curse it for sending me an email highlighting the clog.  Double curses to some very well-known and expensive shoe designers (Seychelles, Stuart Weitzman, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and Anthropologie) for creating such monstrosities.  Boooo on you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trend to Try--A Garden Traipse

I'm not much of a flower gal--I get pretty happy when I receive them, but I don't pine over the idea of a man presenting me with a floral bouquet.  That being said, when I saw Selective Potential's blog post about Windmill Island, I had a wistful moment in my office about tulips.  I LOVE TULIPS.  I freakin' adore the little buggers.  I love that they come in so many colors.  In all seriousness, I think I would be tempted to get married during tulip season... just so I can be surrounded by them on my wedding day. 
HOWEVER--I love floral patterns on clothes, shoes, bags, and even hair accessories.  If a man wanted to deliver a pair of one of the above-featured shoes, you bet I'd swoon~!!  :)
*Amazon - Betsey Johnson Foster Wedge in Yellow
*Heels - Betsey Johnson Foster Wedge in Blue
*BHFO - Magnolia Amity Floral Pump
*Amazon - Pleated T-Strap Floral Wedge in Yellow, Fuschia, Orange
*Endless - Anne Klein Kalei2 d'Orsay pump in Green/Dark Pink
*Endless - Anne Klein Kalei2 d'Orsay Pump in Black Multi
*Zappos - Kate Spade Floral Peeptoe Pump in Red/Pink
*Piper Lime - Rampage Nicki Pump in Red Floral Satin
*Amazon - Naughty Monkey Secret Garden Pump in Blue
*Amiclubwear - Floral Peeptoe Wedge in Blue
*Neiman Marcus - Bettye Muller Peony Peeptoe Pump
*Neiman Marcus - Christian Louboutin Floral Chiffon Peeptoe Pump
*Anthropologie - Folded Greens Cutout Sandal

Clearly, like any trend, floral footwear can go WAYYYY wrong.  I am still sitting here scratching my head... completely befuddled as to how these shoes even exist.  Don't be a victim.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quick Fix--How Cute is Thee

Yes, I am a nerd.  I have a box at home that holds my collection of cards and stationery appropriate for a variety of occasions.  I recently came across these lovely notecards from Erin Condren's "Sharpie" collection, and I love them.  They are perfect for someone one like me, who still clings to the outdated practice of handwritten notes and snail mail.  :)

Res Ipsa Loquitur--"The Thing Speaks for Itself"

I never understood how and why rich people were able to dress so poorly.  I just don't get it.  It actually makes me mad.  These are a few well-known celebs (Blake Lively, Vera Farmiga, Katy Perry, and Kristen Stewart) making some huge fashion blunders at what is supposedly the "Prom for Fashionistas"... the Met Costume Institute Gala.  **sigh**

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quick Query--Olivia Newton John's Necklace on Glee

Okay... for all you Glee fans/watchers out there... do you remember Olivia Newton John's turquoise necklace??  The one that she was wearing while talking to Sue in her car/limo??  Did it not look like the necklace featured in the "bargain" section below (and above)???  Please, help me here, for my own vindication.  :)  I will google again tomorrow and post any updates I find.  Either way... this item might be in the Shopping Bag by morning...

Buster v. Bargain--Tank Battle

Currently, it is sunny and 80 degrees outside.  The instinct to throw on a tank top and some breathable cotton shorts is virtually unavoidable, and that's why I am loving the easy-going tank dresses of late.  Putting on a dress is such a simple act that elevates your attire into "put together" mode without even trying!  Tank dresses with one color on top and one color on the bottom, or frilly ruffle floral print bottoms, and all sorts of different waistband shades and designs are popping out everywhere.  I have seen them selling at high-end retailers in the $100's... and as a "fabulous find" selection at Forever21 in the $10's.  What's the difference?  Well, I guess it's all in the style, but honestly, I always use tank dresses as a comfortable and casual option to the uber lounge outfit mentioned above... so the cheaper, the better... especially if that means I can get MORE of them in a variety!!  :)
To add a touch of class, just pair a noticeable accessory, such as the featured statement necklaces in a beautiful turquoise/gold combo.  Finish the outfit off with a simple pair of gold gladiator flat sandals... and you'll be in tip-top shape to bathe in the sun's warm rays!!
*Bluefly - Wyatt Jersey Draped Combo Dress in Grey/Black
*Gilt Groupe - Mango Morrison Amazonite Bib Necklace
*Endless - Tibi Eden Sandal in Gold
*Forever21 - Pleated Hip Tank Dress in Black/Grey
*JcPenney - Mixit Turquoise Stone Necklace
*Endless - Wild Diva Tanaya 13 Strap Sandal in Gold

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cute Color Combo--Army Meets Navy

Today, we feature two colors that might not always get paired because of their proximity to each other in the rainbow... green (more specifically, a clover green... so not totally an "army" green, but oh well...) and navy.  I will admit... pairing shades in a complimentary manner when they are near/next to each other in the rainbow is HARD.  Here, we tried it out... put a bit of the "nautical" trend into use through the adorable navy and white striped one-shoulder top by Victoria's Secret.  The featured clover green pencil skirt was uncovered in a new discovery of mine... YesStyle!!  I head back to my parents' roots with the trendy and affordable options offered by various East Asian countries through this website.  I foresee many more items from YesStyle posted here on FleurStyle.  Two-toned or multi-toned shoes are the way to go here... it's a much more interesting option than a singular brown, neutral or metallic shade.  The two-toned flats with the smart buckle detailing and open toe for the warmer temperatures keep it stylish and comfortable.  If you want to dress up the outfit a bit, these platform sandals with a significant heel will do the trick. 
The classic and simple two-toned silver and yellow gold accessories maintain the crisp and clean attitude of this ensemble.  I actually own the ring in that two-toned X-style... and I love it!!  I am also very tempted to get those earrings... they seem like they would be very versatile.  I have been pining for a two-tone watch, but I just haven't been able to pull the trigger on "the one" yet... maybe I'll have to re-kindle my search.  :)
*Victoria's Secret - One-shoulder Top in Navy/White Stripe
*YesStyle - Queen's Look Pencil Skirt in Green
*Nordstrom - Charles David Rollick Sandal in Yellow/Camel
  (Sell-out risk high... also try Endless and
*Nordstrom - French Sole Zest Flat in Camel/Cognac
*Overstock - Bulova Women's Two-Tone Watch
*Overstock - 14K Gold CZ Triple Stud Earrings
*Hope Chest Jewelry - Designer Two-Tone X Band