Monday, May 17, 2010

Sale Mail--Gilt Groupe and Juicy Couture

The weather in DC is--just plain weird these days.  We have beautiful sunny days with mild summer temps peaking at 80 degrees interspersed with stormy afternoons that will dip the overall temps to the 60s.  I saw these jackets at the Juicy Couture Gilt Groupe sale, and I thought they were perfect for what I have been seeking as a jacket lately.  Something breathable, flexible, but still embodies a distinct style.  I love the edge and comfort that this knit 3/4 sleeve jacket (comes in black and grey) offers.  It is perfect to throw on with jeans and a tank to run to the grocery store, but also pairs nicely with a cute summer dress to wear out!!  And--don't get me started on how much I love 3/4 sleeves in the summer.  :)

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