Monday, May 3, 2010

Cute Color Combo--Army Meets Navy

Today, we feature two colors that might not always get paired because of their proximity to each other in the rainbow... green (more specifically, a clover green... so not totally an "army" green, but oh well...) and navy.  I will admit... pairing shades in a complimentary manner when they are near/next to each other in the rainbow is HARD.  Here, we tried it out... put a bit of the "nautical" trend into use through the adorable navy and white striped one-shoulder top by Victoria's Secret.  The featured clover green pencil skirt was uncovered in a new discovery of mine... YesStyle!!  I head back to my parents' roots with the trendy and affordable options offered by various East Asian countries through this website.  I foresee many more items from YesStyle posted here on FleurStyle.  Two-toned or multi-toned shoes are the way to go here... it's a much more interesting option than a singular brown, neutral or metallic shade.  The two-toned flats with the smart buckle detailing and open toe for the warmer temperatures keep it stylish and comfortable.  If you want to dress up the outfit a bit, these platform sandals with a significant heel will do the trick. 
The classic and simple two-toned silver and yellow gold accessories maintain the crisp and clean attitude of this ensemble.  I actually own the ring in that two-toned X-style... and I love it!!  I am also very tempted to get those earrings... they seem like they would be very versatile.  I have been pining for a two-tone watch, but I just haven't been able to pull the trigger on "the one" yet... maybe I'll have to re-kindle my search.  :)
*Victoria's Secret - One-shoulder Top in Navy/White Stripe
*YesStyle - Queen's Look Pencil Skirt in Green
*Nordstrom - Charles David Rollick Sandal in Yellow/Camel
  (Sell-out risk high... also try Endless and
*Nordstrom - French Sole Zest Flat in Camel/Cognac
*Overstock - Bulova Women's Two-Tone Watch
*Overstock - 14K Gold CZ Triple Stud Earrings
*Hope Chest Jewelry - Designer Two-Tone X Band

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  1. i love how creative and fun this outfit is! spring is the absolute perfect time to experiment with color. and with mother's day coming up this weekend, i can't think of a more perfect outfit to wear for that celebratory sunday brunch with mom. all that is missing is a yummy bloody mary :)