Wednesday, September 7, 2011

US Open 2011 Continued--Traditionalism Lives On

Ana Ivanovic in Adidas, Maria Sharapova in Nike, Na Li in Nike, Pauline Parmentier in Lacoste, and Caroline Wozniacki in Stella McCartney for Adidas.
As adventurous as I can be in the trends I choose to wear, I usually fall back on the classics.  Tennis apparel is no exception.  While I loathe to be absolutely boring, I do stick with traditional shapes in skirts, tops, and dresses.  I rarely wear shorts to play unless my laundry bin is filling up and I haven't had a chance to refill my limited rotation of a tennis wardrobe.  There is something lovely about the traditions involved in tennis, and I am remiss if I attempt to mess with it to a large degree.  The ladies above exemplify (although, I will say, Caroline tends to wear some weird stuff from time to time) the classic tennis apparel that I love.  I don't mind a ruffle or splash of color here and there... but please, leave the crazy at home. 
Venus Williams and her Eleven line.
Venus always pushes the envelope when it comes to her outfits on the court.  This black dress with the lace back is actually one of her tamer options.  I'm just not a fan.  Isn't that lace uncomfortable as she tries to scramble around the court??
Galina Voskoboeva in Ellesse.
I actually have no idea who Voskoboeva is... and I know a lot of tennis players.  As I was trolling through tennis outfits from the US Open, I happened upon her ruffly concoction.  I like portrait collars, and as I mentioned, I like my share of ruffles, but this just looks weird to me.  Thoughts?
Christina McHale in Adidas.
Christina McHale was a bit of a Cinderella story.  She hails from neighboring New Jersey and upset Frenchwoman Marion Bartoli (seeded No. 8) to move forward to her first Third Round appearance at a grand slam.  The shapes of her top and bottom are classic and I love them.  However, the print on the skirt make me scratch my head and think... WTF??  I saw this outfit on several Adidas-sponsored players... and I shuddered every time at the garish print and color-coordinated shoes.  I will admit though, this is NOT anywhere near the worst I have seen.

US Open 2011--Celebrity Sightings

**Clockwise from far top left--Brooklyn Decker, Amanda Seyfried, Joanna Garcia, Vanessa Hudgens, Ciara, Maggie Q, Anna Wintour, and Blake Lively.  (Photos courtesy of People StyleWatch and Marie Claire UK)

J and I went to the US Open this past weekend while we were in the NYC area for a wedding in Long Island.  Man, everyone knows I am obsessed with tennis... but the Grand Slams are seriously something else.  They are truly a grand experience.  I've sat in a variety of seats in my times at Arthur Ashe... and I always feel truly blessed to just be there.  If you are a tennis fan, it is something you must try.  If you are an avid sports fan, it is something you must try.  If you like NYC, I highly recommend it. 

While my eyes were mainly glued to the tennis, as I hemmed and hawed over how easy the athletes make everything look, J mentioned that I was guilty of the once-over many a time as individuals passed by... and that I was victim to the once-over as well.  While I was confident that people were admiring what I was wearing (cream v-neck cotton dress with heather grey horizontal stripes, olive green grosgrain ribbon belt by JCrew with black and clear crystal embellishments, black cage gladiator sandal flats, cat eye sunglasses), I am sad to report that my observations were not all that positive.  I guess it is inevitable when you place yourself in a location full of tourists.  With tourists, you can shake your head and just assume they don't know any better... but with celebrities, poor fashion is just inexcusable.  Not all of them failed to make the cut.  Brooklyn Decker looked polished in her black Juicy Couture lace dress with scalloped sleeves and hem as she watched her husband win his first round match.  While it's not ideal for comfort or humid summer temperatures, Anna Wintour looks fabulous in an ikat-print sheath.  I suppose if you are the iconic Ms. Wintour, there is some a/c-powered room at your immediate accessibility if you start to break a sweat.  I love her outfit from Day 1 as well.  The brightly-colored statement necklace against the equally bright plaid is so lovely.  Blake Lively is always in-tune with fashion and locale--looking breezy and beautiful in her maxi dress.  Not sure I can jive with Amanda Seyfried's tourist-worthy outfit, as she adorns herself in a pink US Open t-shirt and denim wash Yankees cap.  Joanna Garcia looks prep-tastic, which was the uniform of at least 75% of women present on the grounds.  That being said... her outfit reminds me of the clothing worn by the women who were 45+ in age.  Maggie Q looks... old.  I have no comments either way with Ciara aside from her t-shirt being far from my taste in clothing.  The worst is, as always, Vanessa Hudgens... who, although being young, fabulously wealthy, and decent-looking, often manages to make herself look homeless.  Word to the wise Vanessa... boho does not equal hobo...despite the switcharoo of the same letters.

A Big Welcome Back... to Ourselves

Welcome Back!!
Having been in school for a lot of my life... the fall season marks new school supplies, shopping for a back-to-school wardrobe, and returning to a much busier schedule.  In the working world, that long summer vacation is a distant memory, but you can still look forward to the changing of leaves, temperatures, and most of all...wardrobe.

So most people who blog regularly take a day or two off...regroup... then return with posts the following week.  M and I... well, we took an entire summer off.  After a whirlwind summer, M has a new job, I am still at my current job... and we are both working really hard to get our lives back on track.  M was in DC visiting a few weekends ago, and we were in a buzz of excitement over the fall season's arrival...anticipating the weather and the fashion.  Fall is the favorite season for both of us--so we were loathe to keep the flurry of fall style just between us.  As we attempt to get back into the blogosphere, we hope to attract a few new visitors to the site.

So welcome back...and sit tight for suede, tights, knits, and we settle in for cooler, shorter days accompanied with lots of hot cups of coffee.  :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Res Ipsa--Creamy Goodness

If there were any fashion icons who truly encapsulate the happy side of my "Res Ipsa" category these days, they seem to be the Middletons.  Kate and Pippa alike seem to have thrust themselves in the style limelight, and 9 times out of 10... I ended up wiping a puddle of drool from the front of my computer.
Kate Middleton in a beautiful creamy Alexander McQueen coat
Alexander McQueen cotton and wool-blend pique coat
At a price tag of a whopping $2,691 and change, I can't even dream of saving enough money to splurge on something like that coat.  Super sigh.  While I am not sure I could pull off the products of high end milliners quite like the Duchess does, I do have my own penchant for ladylike style.  Below is my take on true sophistication with a hint of glamour.  Gold accents, when done well, are always welcome in my book.
Kate Spade Day 90 Ensemble
The crisp white Ilana blazer brings tailored poise to the outfit.  The Tromp L'oeil Lace Lola dress is a perfectly balanced sheath--with its understated shape, dramatic black and white contrast, and lovely lace print.  The shiny gold Burnside Avenue Metallic Lauralee crossbody/shoulder bag adds pop to the subtle black and white combination.  The oversized clip earrings add over-the-top sparkle, but the shape allows the look to remain demure.  Use your imagination when it comes to adding necklaces, a belt, or a brooch.  My friend T would likely enjoy an unexpected gold belt like this one--embellished with gold armadillos.  I am not sure how easy it will be to find a coordinating gold-colored coffee mug.  ;)  Who knew that Kate Spade would suddenly seem more in my range of attainability?  Go figure.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pure Lust--Mila Kunis is on a Roll

Mila Kunis has come out in some lovely frocks and ensembles... I definitely have wardrobe envy.  Or... maybe it's just jealousy over those legs... that body... and her ability to walk in sky-high pale pink platform pumps.  Or... all of the above. 
Mila Kunis in a showstopping Balmain skirt, black dolman sleeve top, and pale pink Charlotte Olympia suede pumps with metallic gold platform (yes, gold platform, and it still looked great)
J dvr'ed the MTV Movie Awards... and while it is an entertaining awards show... boy does it do a HUGE number on your self-esteem.  Yeah, when all the skinny minnies come out teetering in their gorgeous lofty heels and toned legs--I basically want to die.  However, it did not stop me from sharing a 60-calorie, sugar-free chocolate/vanilla pudding cup with J.  Wow.  SO sad.
The LA Times Fashion Blog, "Frugal Fashion," featured some sequin skirt options for those of us who may not be able to just run out and snab that hot, little Balmain number.

LaRok flirty sequin camo skirt, Tumbled sequin miniskirt, Victoria's Secret Sequin Mini, Express Sequin Mini
French Connection Paint Box Sequin Mini
 Dude.  BTW--this awards show just hits home how dominating the "Twilight" series is... and all the tweens' obsessions with its cast.  Harry Potter didn't get ONE!!  Poor Emma Watson and her hot white dress.  Just as another note--I hated Katie Cassidy's dress.  It looked terrible (and I love crochet and lace).  I guess I am still suffering with some beef I hold against her character Juliet in Gossip Girl... ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kick Up the Heat--Summer Date Chic

While I'm the first gal to vote for a low key evening at the townhouse, dogs and J at her side, with a glass (or three) of Charles Shaw Shiraz (it's $3!!!!!!)... it is nice to get out once in awhile... have an ice cold summer seasonal brew at a nice outdoor venue... OR have a cozy little date night despite the sweltering temps of what we in DC have been experiencing lately.
Adrianna Papell White Lace Sheath, Eliza J Black Ruched Lace Sheath, Badgley Mischka Lissa Peeptoe Jeweled Pumps (grey satin or seafoam satin)
I know I have the same pump... just in different colors.  Look--sometimes, I just find a shoe that I would love to own in multiple colors... not that I've ever done that... or anything...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Res Ipsa--Summer is in the Air

FINALLY... there is summer in the air... and not the unpleasant, stifling, oppressive slap of summer heat that we experienced last week.  the enjoyable warm breeze of summer has finally arrived... and I think Gwen Stefani encapsulates the look perfectly below.  Her bright white sunglasses are so much fun... and the airy fabric of this maxi ensemble totally screams "welcome summer!!"  The only thing I would ditch are those booties... I think they weigh down the look, and also take away from the laid-back manner of this style.  If you wanted a sandal with heels... I would go with a cage or cutout look myself. 

A.L.C. Karla Silk Printed Tank, A.L.C. Luca Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft Briolette Dangle Earrings, Steve Madden Serenite Sandals