Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Big Welcome Back... to Ourselves

Welcome Back!!
Having been in school for a lot of my life... the fall season marks new school supplies, shopping for a back-to-school wardrobe, and returning to a much busier schedule.  In the working world, that long summer vacation is a distant memory, but you can still look forward to the changing of leaves, temperatures, and most of all...wardrobe.

So most people who blog regularly take a day or two off...regroup... then return with posts the following week.  M and I... well, we took an entire summer off.  After a whirlwind summer, M has a new job, I am still at my current job... and we are both working really hard to get our lives back on track.  M was in DC visiting a few weekends ago, and we were in a buzz of excitement over the fall season's arrival...anticipating the weather and the fashion.  Fall is the favorite season for both of us--so we were loathe to keep the flurry of fall style just between us.  As we attempt to get back into the blogosphere, we hope to attract a few new visitors to the site.

So welcome back...and sit tight for suede, tights, knits, and we settle in for cooler, shorter days accompanied with lots of hot cups of coffee.  :)

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