Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unexpected Fashion Moguls--Livin' the Dream

Donatella Versace was all over the news and blogosphere in the past few days due to comments she made about celebrity designers.  "Some of these collections are for cheaper, mass market fashion. I don't think that creativity is there....  Pop stars can design snappy collections for their fans but global fashion brands need more than a touch of glamour to stay on top."  While I am sure that some of the teenybopper clothing lines cannot hold a candle to an iconic fashion house like Versace, I don't think that the accusation of having "lack of creativity" is necessarily a fair one.  Plenty of celebrities, whether they are actresses or musicians, have presented themselves as folks to be reckoned with in the fashion world.  I have received mixed opinions regarding Jessica Simpson and her monolith billion-dollar fashion empire, but I will say--I have two pairs of pumps from her line... and I love them.  (I guess you just have to try really hard to wipe out all images of Jessica Simpson in a pair of skimpy daisy dukes from that terrible "Dukes of Hazzard" movie.)

Katie Holmes is best known, these days, as the wife of psycho "is he gay" scientologist Tom Cruise (unfortunately, even her younger Dawsons Creek days are overshadowed by her strange marriage).  While the current goings-on in her acting career are known to few, even fewer may know that she's the founder of a high-end clothing line called Holmes & Yang.  Holmes' partner in the venture is Stylist Jeanne Yang.  Their objective was to "make pieces that you could bend over, pick up your kid, and still look really elegant while doing so" according to Yang. 
Holmes and Yang Fall 2011 Collection at Barneys
The line is in its second season at Barneys New York, so... either, it can't be all that bad... or fame and fortune can, indeed, buy all that you desire.  The line, which is priced outside of attainability for most normal folks, validates its steep tags on the foundation that everything is "Made in the USA."  Apparently, being made in the USA makes wardrobe staples in the line well into the $1,000 range, as a blazer can cost you $1,400 and a pencil skirt... a cool $1,250.  I will say, as I take a gander at items from what I can find through a Google search, it looks clean, sophisticated, and luxurious.  The NY Times also covered the collection.  However, was it really that hard for Katie Holmes, as a "mommy-on-the-go" to find clothes that fit her lifestyle?  I ask this, because the motto of Holmes and Yang's "realistic chic", does not really seem all that rare from designers currently present in the industry.  However, I am not a "mommy-on-the-go" attempting to meet all the demands of a celebrity lifestyle--with the knowledge base that comes with a celebrity bank account, so who knows.
I absolutely adore this blouse from her collection.  I prefer the outfit on the right to the more casual look on the left.
I think most of the items would not flatter my short, stubby body frame, but I could see how they would definitely look great on a taller gal like Holmes.  However, if I lost some poundage and tailored it to my body, I would love to rock this dress.  Perhaps, not with Katie's choice in shoes below, but I do love the look.
The loose, drapey style reflected in Malin's dress is showcased in their Spring 2011 LookBook.  Again, for those tall, lithe bodies out there...
Looking at the toned upper bodies of all these women makes me really want to hit the gym or a yoga class... pronto.  Ugh.  Curse you winter.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Closet--A Trip to Old Navy

Last night, J and I decided to make a trip to our neighborhood Old Navy to look for some shorts.  He had no shorts in any suitable sizes for the upcoming warm weather, so we thought Old Navy would be a good place to start.  After some perusing, we decided to pick up a few pairs of pretty no-nonsense cargo shorts for really cheap.
Old Navy Men's Authentic Cargo Shorts or Plaid Plain-Front Shorts
While I wasn't planning to buy anything for myself (trying to stay strong to the clothing hiatus), I asked J to pick out a few things for me.  It's always fun to get a different person's perspective on what he or she believes would look good on you, especially if he is your boyfriend.  J has a pretty good eye, because I came out with a few great items.  His first item was the navy and white striped romper below.
Old Navy Tie-Front Romper (Navy/White Stripe), Old Navy Khaki Heather Cardigan, Dolce Vita Elijah Gladiator Sandals, Anthropologie Gold "Bunny" Earrings
His other recommendation was the linen-blend roll-up dress below.  I purchased them in the sherbet orange and rolled oats shades featured below.  I really wanted to get the white one as well, because I thought it would be such a great summer item--but alas, the two small sizes left in the store were strangely large.
Old Navy Linen-blend Roll-up Dress, Accessories (L to R): Alexis Bittar Triple Link Earrings, Ralph Lauren Wide Elastic Belt, MICHAEL Michael Kors Python Belt, Shoes (L to R): Tory Burch Sally 2 Wedge Peeptoe Pumps, Nine West Riot Sandals, Kelsi Dagger Kassa Sliver Metallic Sandals
Overall, I'm really excited about these items for the warmer weather to come.  The linen-blend dresses are going to come in quite handy... and I can't wait to wear that romper out on the BEACH.  (Oh man, the word "beach" seems like worlds away!!)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday--Oh, Sunny Day Where Art Thou?

Today's weather...blows.  I love that it is FINALLY Friday, and all we have to look forward to is an evening of gray and chillly drizzle, and a Saturday that is more of the same.  Gah.  Oh, what's even better?  We get a taste of Spring's glory on Sunday... only to be thrown back into the work week drivel (well, unless you're a government worker mayhaps) as the forecast predicts bright sun and low 80s on Monday.
Well, here's to you weather gods... I spit in your face and yearn for the warm sun...
Anthropologie Sunny Soiree Dress

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adorable Coral - TopShop's KARAT Flat

TopShop KARAT Coral Diamante Suede Flat

"Dear TopShop:  Your KARAT coral diamante suede flat is to die for.  The whimsical star-shaped embellishments would win any girl's heart.  The orange suede is spot-on, and is perfect for spring.  The reasonable price point of $100 makes this shoe attainable to a wide range of clientele.  That being said, you are only offering this beautiful shoe in sizes 6.5, 7.5, and 8.5... thus discriminating against either end of the shoe size spectrum.  I respectfully request that this be remedied immediately.  A size 5, available by close of business today, would be much appreciated.  Sincerely, H and M." 

Res Ipsa--A Lot of Growing Up to Do

Photo 3 of 13 in People StyleWatch's "Vanessa Hudgens Single-Girl Style"
You know how we just posted the desirable, "don't live without" snakeskin pump by Michael Kors?  Well, here is a great example of it done oh-so-poorly.  People StyleWatch highlights these 13 photos with the tag line "Vanessa's Sexy New Single Style," accompanied with the description, "Bye-bye, Zac!  Hello, bombshell!  Check out Hudgens's slinky and cool post-breakup looks."  She's a dead ringer for an oompa-loompa Jersey Shore castmember in Photos 1 and 11, obviously thinks that fishnet stockings and nude platform sandals are a good look pursuant to Photos 7 and 13, and is dressed for a 70s costume party in Photo 9.  Don't even get me started on the horrible shoe situation going on in Photo 10.  If these 13 photos are supposed to motivate all the single ladies to be up in the club, having just broke up, to do our own little thing, then... frankly... I'd rather he put a ring on it.

I'm pretty sure Zac Efron is having the last laugh.

Buster v. Bargain - Loubou...Who?

Snakeskin pumps are Spring 2011's new neutral, as the multitude of shades in one snakeskin print make the shoes very versatile. 
MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Flex' Peeptoe Pump and Christian Louboutin Mater Claude Python Peeptoe Pump
Every girl dreams of owning a pair of those iconic fire engine red soled Christian Louboutins.  That is... if you are a lover of shoes.  However, the large dent that a pair of Louboutins would make in almost anyone's bank account provides a barrier similar to that of the Manolo.  For those with average jobs accompanied by average salaries, the ability to keep a pair of shoes under $100 is not a preference, but an imperative.  Michael Kors achieves that with his 'Flex' Peeptoe Pump.  Calvin Klein also provides a nice option if you want a slightly different look.
Calvin Klein Kail Peeptoe Pump
I'll be watching you Michael Kors Flex Pump.  You will be mine... very soon.  :)