Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Buster v. Bargain--Tank Battle

Currently, it is sunny and 80 degrees outside.  The instinct to throw on a tank top and some breathable cotton shorts is virtually unavoidable, and that's why I am loving the easy-going tank dresses of late.  Putting on a dress is such a simple act that elevates your attire into "put together" mode without even trying!  Tank dresses with one color on top and one color on the bottom, or frilly ruffle floral print bottoms, and all sorts of different waistband shades and designs are popping out everywhere.  I have seen them selling at high-end retailers in the $100's... and as a "fabulous find" selection at Forever21 in the $10's.  What's the difference?  Well, I guess it's all in the style, but honestly, I always use tank dresses as a comfortable and casual option to the uber lounge outfit mentioned above... so the cheaper, the better... especially if that means I can get MORE of them in a variety!!  :)
To add a touch of class, just pair a noticeable accessory, such as the featured statement necklaces in a beautiful turquoise/gold combo.  Finish the outfit off with a simple pair of gold gladiator flat sandals... and you'll be in tip-top shape to bathe in the sun's warm rays!!
*Bluefly - Wyatt Jersey Draped Combo Dress in Grey/Black
*Gilt Groupe - Mango Morrison Amazonite Bib Necklace
*Endless - Tibi Eden Sandal in Gold
*Forever21 - Pleated Hip Tank Dress in Black/Grey
*JcPenney - Mixit Turquoise Stone Necklace
*Endless - Wild Diva Tanaya 13 Strap Sandal in Gold


  1. good job finding a "bargain" ensemble that actually rivals its "buster" counterpart. for a minute there, i found myself preferring the "bargain" look over the "buster"; but, alas, my snobby sensibilities took over and i find myself preferring the "buster" (something about the drape detailing that makes it irresistable). but it just goes to show how truly awesome the bargain ensemble really is. i would be proud to step out in that outfit.

  2. Love the outfit but I also agree with Mia that I am liking the "buster" version better.