Monday, January 31, 2011

New Home, New Life, New Year--Welcome 2011

Okay.  We suck.  I logged on to our poor, neglected FleurStyle site to find that our last entry was posted back in September 2010.  SEPTEMBER 2010.  Yikes.  Well, in my defense, today... the last day of the first month in 2011... I have successfully survived my first year in a law firm, moved into a new house, am about to celebrate a 6-month anni with the love of my life, and trying to grab a tighter rein on my finances... which means... that's right.  Spend less money on my favorite hobby--shopping.
M and I have decided that while we ADORE [insert sarcastically sullen tone] our current careers as budding attorneys... we definitely adore something much more.  We adore the fashion arena, the stylista's world, and... we dream of opening our very own brick-and-mortar someday.  So... welcome 2011... you bring us new goals... and hopefully, some new triumphs... or, at least... a few baby steps that we can accomplish toward the end fantasy of doing what we love all day, every day!
With that positive and uplifting message about conquering challenges to pursue your passions, I leave you with a few items that I plan on purchasing in the next few weeks.  Hey... I said "tighter rein" on the shopping... not cold turkey right??  ;)


  1. Cute top! I haven't purchased Ann Taylor shoes before...are they comfy?

    Albert sent me a link to your blog! Cute!! Keep updating! :)


  2. i haven't purchased any AT shoes yet... but i'm really tempted to try these out. a girl on another blog i read... said that they are comfy!!

    i will keep updating... you do the same. i love your site! xoxo to ezio.


  3. sorry i've been M-I-A (!). no pun intended :) (*for those who know my name)
    i actually have a pair of Ann Taylor pumps and they are quite comfy. They are brown croc skin pumps with rounded toe and 2 1/2 inch heel, which might explain why they are comfy. anyway, they were purchased at the tail end of 2007, and to this day, remain a staple of my professional wardrobe. hope this helps.