Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Shopping Bag--Let's Git Nekkid

Readers of FS or my FaceBook pages can probably tell when I'm in the middle of motions practice or brief-writing... because the number of posts will increase dramatically as a I either procrastinate, or require frequent intermissions from the doldrums of legalese.
I'm sure that everyone in my life... well aside from maybe M and T... wonders HOW I maintain the stamina for shopping as often as I do.  But, after moving into my new home recently, I'm sure no one is baffled by it more than J.  As I drown in giant puddles of my own clothes, shoes, and accessories in a 3-bedroom townhouse, it is probably time to assess what fits, what doesn't fit, what I actually wear, and donate/sell the rest.  As of now, I'm going to try and use Capitol Hill Style's post about an organized closet/wardrobe as a model for the future.  That being said...
In last year's spring season, I remember M and I going absolutely batty trying to find the perfect nude additions for the upcoming warmer weather.  I swear, I chucked countless potential billable hours out the door for this quest.  As I look at our post from last year, I remember the longing I had for a few key pairs of shoes that we just could not find.  I even remember emailing Franco Sarto to see when they may be releasing additional pairs in certain styles in Size 5.  Yes, YES.  That's right.  I am that sad.  (I never did get a response from them about those shoes.)  Well, this year, I have preempted my ability to get into this pickle by purchasing a few lovely pieces.  There's nothing like seeing the message, "1 pair left in this size," flash across the screen to get the adrenaline flowing eh?  I'd like to blame it on the countless experiences of going to buy a pair of shoes only to see the Size 5 unavailable.  Therefore, I have grown wiser from experience.  However it may be just the selfish satisfaction I get from seeing that I have taken the last Size 5.  Thus, it may just be my natural competitive streak.  Or, I am creating a justification for my compulsive behavior.  Oh well.  As M says, "you can always return something you already have, but you can't buy something that's already gone."


I haven't pulled the trigger on the bag yet... because... well... I don't know.  As fabulous as the price is for a Kate Spade bag, the "final sale" aspect of the Kate Spade Sample Sale today freaks me out a bit.  But, I will say, the royal purple lining inside that bag would make me feel like a queen.  :)

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