Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Au Naturel"--How to Go "Nude"

While vibrant colors are popping out everywhere from gardens to apparel as we enter spring, there is a trend that should not go ignored if you want your closet to possess one of the hottest items of all... it's time to go NUDE.  I, myself, have been in a wild search for the perfect pair of nude peeptoe pumps that will fit my pathetically tiny size 4 1/2-5 feet... and let me tell you, it has not been an easy journey thus far.  Every time I lock my eyes on a droolworthy set of shoes encompassing it all--perfect nude shade, perfect material, perfect design--my dream gets cruelly taken away as I frantically scroll the online size menu for a 5.  If they are affordable, they are not in my sizes.  If they are available, they are not in my price range.  Such a merciless world...
In my opinion, dressing head-to-toe in nude is quite difficult and could easily end in disaster.  For most of us, looking like a washed-out mess is quite undesirable.  Therefore, I have paired subtle nude trends with pops of color in coordinating apparel, or some shimmer in the accessories.  I think once you get comfortable adding the "barely there" shades into multiple outfits, you can move on to the more daring pale blush dress and nude pumps combo.  Just make you sure you top that outfit off with some bright red lipstick.  :)
*Banana Republic - Black One Shoulder Bow Top
*Banana Republic - Sleek Suit Skirt
*Zappos - Dolce & Gabbana Cipria Pumps
*The Limited - CZ Small Hoop Earrings
*Anthropologie - Here & Now Tee
*Banana Republic - Drape Skirt
*Saks Fifth Avenue - Prada T-strap Sandal
*The Limited - Twist Metal Hoop Earrings
*Anthropologie - Force Field Corset Top
*Forever21 - TwelvebyTwelve Ruffle Skirt
*Nordstrom - Franco Sarto Value Pump
*Anthropologie - Sea Petal Earrings
*Asos - Asos Washed Georgette Pleated Dress
*Nordstrom - Franco Sarto Napoli Pump
*Anthropologie - Peony Pave Post Earrings
*Miss Selfridge - Gold Alice Dainty Bow Headband
*Forever21 - Violet Pleated Satin Skirt
*The Limited - Ruffle Panel Print Top
*Nordstrom - Franco Sarto Flounce Pump

It really seems like choosing and purchasing a nude shoe takes particular care.  In my many hours of browsing, I often see it done terribly.  However, the above collection is a montage of the items I've come across that look great.  If you see a particular item that you adore, and you want me to tell you where it's from, just give me a holler!  Now, go out... and dare to go "bare!!"

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  1. as i sit here at my computer, reading your post, in my black dress and black peeptoe pumps, i have this overwhelming desire to tear off my blah outfit and "go bare!", as you so eloquently put it. i sincerely love each and every single item you have posted. unfortunately, most are realistically beyond my price range so i'm resigned to admiring their beauty from afar, but for those rare items that are attainable, i puffy heart the BR sleek suit skirt - the waist detail is awesome! imo, your best post so far! thanks :)