Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion Over Function--Sky High Heels

Like many people that work in DC, I commute by metro to get to work.  Generally, I try to wear the same shoes during my walk to and from the metro on either end of my journey.  These "same shoes" will generally be a nice pair of pumps, anywhere between 2"-3" high.  However, a lot of the time, function will trump fashion.  I almost always keep a pair of extra flats in my office, and usually in my bag when I need to head somewhere else in the city to meet up with people.  Before you jump to the conclusion that I am one of those people that lace up some sneakers to slip over my tights/nylons/sport socks (brought with said sneakers), STOP.  I am not that gal.  I am the gal that might have some callused heels, but is still constantly aghast at the horrors I see on various commuters' feet for the sake of comfort. 
I love heels.  I love how they make my legs look long.  I love how they bring some proportion to my overly stubby body frame (I am just under 5').  But, on most days, even I, the incredibly short girl with a perpetual desire to be wearing high heels to add fake height, have my limits with the how high I am willing to go.  Today, I walked to the office in a pair of black patent peeptoe flats, but upon arrival to work, I changed into the above pair of black patent cut-out peeptoe pumps (Antonio Melani at Dillard's).  I adore these shoes, but man... they are truly made to walk on one surface--carpet.  I learned this morning that switching from the carpet to any other hard surface in my office is a precarious task.  Granted--heels that are TOO high (above 4") have no reason to show up in the workplace, but there are plenty of options available to spice up an otherwise ho-hum work-appropriate outfit.  Platform peeptoes, especially those with hidden platforms, that stay 3.5" or less are okay in my book.  Just use common sense to balance out the combination.  If you are wearing a louder pair of heels, the more demure the rest of your outfit should be.
This made me think of all those 3 1'2" + heeled shoes in my closet that don't get any face time.  Are they beautiful?  Yes.  Are they worthy of being paired in an outfit and trotted around town?  Yes (with caution).  So??  What's my solution??  Well, I will admit--I have been eyeing a specific shoe line for some time now... my dream shoe line... the Cole Haan Nike Air Collection.  More specifically, I dream of trotting back and forth painlessly in a pair of Cole Haan Carma Almond Toe Pumps, as if agility and high-heeled footwear always went hand-in-hand.  However, at more than $200 a pop... I decided to wait until my career launched me into a position where purchasing such expensive shoes would not possibly preclude my next rent payment from being made (and general cardiac arrest when paying the credit card bill).
So, until Cole Haan's various Air Collection delights come within my grasp, and with "fashion over function" in mind, I told myself that I would pull out all those "sky-high" heels from the depths of my closet... and make sure to give them a chance.  But, I'm not gonna lie--a pair of cushy flats will always be in my bag for emergencies.  :)
KUDOS FOR THESE SHOES GO TO (from L to R starting at top left):
*Endless - Charles by Charles David Primm Platform Pump in Gold
*Endless - Kate Spade Gillian Peeptoe Bow Pump in Violet
*Nordstrom - Linea Paolo Jacadia Platform Sandal in Dark Blue
*Nordstrom - Linea Paolo Jacadia Platform Sandal in Fuschia
*Nordstrom - Linea Paolo Jacadia Platform Sandal in Carbon Grey
*Endless - Kate Spade Candy Pump in Tomato Red/Black Satin
*Zappos - D & G Cipria Pump
*Nordstrom - Vince Camuto Feliciti Peeptoe Platform Pump in Steel
*Nordstrom - Enzo Angiolini Merryann Peeptoe Pump in Bronze Snake
*Endless - Butter Scrabble Peeptoe Pump in Aloe
*Neiman Marcus - Christian Louboutin Floral Print Chiffon Pump

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  1. i want those D & G shoes. and throw in the Louboutins, too.