Monday, April 5, 2010

Adorable and Affordable--The NY & Co Sale

I will be the first to admit... I have the tendency to be a snob.  I like non-drug store brand hair care products, skin care products, and I would love me a pair of Christian Louboutins any day of the week.  Alas--I, like many others, have a shopping budget that I already exceed buying the stuff on sale!!  I believe that my plight is similar to the majority of our nation's population and, therefore, I have tried to expand my shopping range to stores that normally make me go "ew."  If you are not restricted by limited funds like me, i HATE you, and by all means... you will look awesome rockin' the latest designers that celebrities covet.
New York & Company (NY & Co) is a chain retailer that caters its moderately-priced casual and career wear in malls nationwide.  It is a store that is hit-or-miss... ranging from the absolutely "adorable and affordable," to the egregiously bedazzled or animal print emblazoned casual wear that could stun any woman with an ounce of taste into sheer epileptic shock.  While you should avoid these items like your life depended on it, I have arranged a collage of apparel that makes me drool with desire... and get excited for SPRING!!
NY & Co. is famous for its blowout "50% off the entire store" sales while simultaneously releasing coupons that can be used on top of the 50% discount.  Today is the "last" day for its Easter blowout sale, but I place last in quotes... because you will likely hear about another similar sale in a week or so.  I will say, sizes go quickly, so if you see an item that you just CANNOT live without... buy it now, or forever hold your peace.  Oh, also, if you are fan of free shipping (who ISN'T??)... use the free shipping code 4162 on any purchase of $65 or more.  :)
*New York & Company

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  1. i'm a bit of a snob, too, when it comes to where i shop and what i buy. and i have to admit i've never once considered purchasing anything from ny&co. but your post has convinced me to set aside my prejudices and at least give them a look-see. oh, and thanks for the free shipping code.