Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Buster v. Bargain--Why Miss. Coral, Have You Met... Ms. Coral?

I never thought I would see the day when an item from Anthropologie would represent a "bargain"... but, apparently, that day has arrived.  I was browsing through Belle's latest Capitol Hill Style post, and of course, I ended up drooling over a deliciously striped creation by Thread... and forced Mia to join in on the fun.  Completely awestruck by the design of the striped dress, I clicked through some other dresses in Thread's collection.  I noticed this adorable hot pink ruffle number (to the left), but then realized I had just seen a similar dress on Anthropologie's site.  I also noticed the price difference.  Thread's dress comes in at a whopping $520, and Anthropologie's dress is a modest $98.  Consequently, I was inspired to create my first "Buster v. Bargain" post today... representing comparisons between price-busting outfits and those that are more attainable by the humble masses. 
*Shopbop - Thread Social Ruffle Dress in Melon
*Saks Fifth Avenue - D&G Ayers Platform Sandal in Nude
*Shopbop - Tory Burch Rayna Mini Bag in Branch
*Anthropologie - Leading Lady Dress in Coral
*Amazon - Nine West Elkie Sandal in Grey/Black
*Amazon - Rampage Dry Snake Leather Shoulder Clutch in Grey

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  1. CORAL - i can't say enough good things about coral. it's my color-du-jour every day this spring - at least it would be in my own private idaho.

    funny indeed that anthropologie should ever be considered a "bargain". lol! not that i think their stuff is overpriced; on the contrary, i think their stuff is beautiful and absolutely worth it.