Wednesday, April 14, 2010

With Style to Boot--Ode to the Bootie

It is with great pleasure that I bid a hearty GOOD RIDDANCE to frigid temps and that pesky, flaky white stuff.  The DC metro area deals poorly with adverse winter weather, and that certainly does not exclude its metro system (don't even get me started on our metro system).  However, I wave goodbye to my winter wardrobe with a touch of sadness.  Tights were the focus for me during this past winter.  I took great joy in acquiring different patterns and colors... and creating ensembles with dresses for work and play... and keeping my feet warm in boots, booties, and pumps.  As we all bid farewell to our woolly warm friends... and step into spring's breezier, more colorful fabrics... let us pay homage to one of my other favorite fall/winter styles.  Bye Bye Bootie.  :)  (But--don't let the wardrobe transition prevent you from getting great winter gear on sale!!  Some of these items are still in stock.)
KUDOS FOR THESE BEAUTIFUL BOOTIES GO TO (from L to R starting at top left):
*Endless - Chocolate Miz Mooz Tribeca Ankle Boot
*Endless - Grey/Black Pink Studio Jacob Ankle Bootie
*Endless - Purple Mia Seductive Ankle Boot
*Endless - Blue Pink Studio Daily Ankle Bootie
*Amazon - Mahogany Jessica Simpson Meri Bootie
*Jildor Shoes - Grey Vaneli for Jildor Janka Suede Bootie 
*Endless - Wine Lovely People Piper Bootie
*Endless - Black Matiko Zoe Cut-out Bootie
*Dililo - Cream/Black Vintage Bow Bootie
*Endless - Black Steve Madden Jessii Ankle Boot
  Look to these as a worthy alternative:  Endless - Black R2 Warner Bootie
*Endless - Bone Matiko Zoe Cut-out Bootie


  1. Perhaps I am not the best person to comment on wearing shoes of this style, though I am currently wanting to convert all my everyday shoes to slip in boots, doesn't wearing these style shoes with dresses/skirts make the outfit seem bottom heavy?

  2. Asher!! I heart you for reading my blog. :)

    There is a definite danger to making an outfit bottom-heavy if you incorrectly utilize the ankle bootie with a skirt or dress outfit. First, when you choose the bootie, you need to ensure that the bootie already has a streamlined style that oozes feminism (not construction worker). Second, the hemline of the skirt or dress needs to be on the shorter side to balance out the bottom volume from the shoe. Finally, the tights that you choose need to compliment, but not overwhelm the overall effect of the outfit. Sometimes, a sheer dot pattern might trump thick and chunky cableknit sweater tights... depending on the other items. I recently purchased the cream/black vintage bow booties from Dililo, and adore the look of them.

  3. as a shoe, the bootie is definitely a hard look to pull off successfully, imo. i've seen too many catastrophic attempts at wearing the booties this past season that i got completely turned off this style. i guess i just don't have enough confidence in my "style" abilities to put together a chic and avant-garde outfit featuring the bootie because to me, the bootie just screams avant-garde. perhaps i'll be more daring the next time they're in style. this post has certainly inspired me to give them a try.