Monday, April 19, 2010

Cute Color Combo--Sun Meets Clouds

An unexpected color combination puts me in such a good mood, which inspired me today!  The first cute color combo (which will affectionately be deemed "CCC" hereinafter) to grace our site is a sunny yellow mixed with cloudy greys.  This CCC reminds me of the bipolar weather we have been experiencing lately in DC.  The sweetheart neckline of this lovely number perfectly frames the myriad of grey crystals in this statement necklace.  The demure rosette posts in ivory paired with the edgy platform sandals (with those oh-so-droolworthy pop of red in the traditional Louboutin soles) prevent the arrangement from provoking a "yaaaawn."  The ladylike quilted handbag in creamy leather and gold hardware brings an air of sophistication to the ensemble.
A close friend of mine actually requested some advice from the FleurStyle consulting base for a recent event.  She purchased an adorable strapless dress from Forever21 in a burnished yellow gold, and we utilized this contrasting color palette to complete an outfit worthy of attention.  :)  Photos of her outfit will follow shortly!
*Anthropologie - Bamboo Garden Dress
*Christian Louboutin Grey Leather Peeptoe Sandal
  (This may be a replica--browse and buy with caution.)
*Anthropologie - Binu's Necklace
*Anthropologie - Wee Flower Pot Posts
*Neiman Marcus - Eric Javits Quilted Shoulder Bag
  (Cheapie Option--Asos - Max C London Quilted Clutch Bag)


  1. Wow, that dress and those shoes are hawt. :)

  2. you must have been thinking of me when you styled this outfit! EVERYTHING about it has "mia" written all over it!! i'll be headed to an anthropologie to see it this dress is available for purchase and report back my findings :)