Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Vent Post--Tourists Here, Tourists There, Tourists Everywhere!!

Every March in DC, one event inevitably occurs in DC--the arrival of the tourists.  I am not talking about just a few additional tourists here and there who might up the potential for a longer wait at your favorite dinner hotspot... I am talking TOURISTS EVERYWHERE.  It is like a massive invasion of middle-aged parents with their children, accompanied by the grandparents, and laden with bag upon bag PLUS a stroller.  They cram into metro cars in their groups of 7-8... crowd the metro doors because they are so afraid to move toward the center of the car... and once they exit the car, they love to gather right in front of the door while waiting for the rest of their large party to make their way out of said car.  They aimlessly walk in any and all locations--whether it is on a metro platform, a sidewalk on the National Mall, or even on their way to a bathroom in a restaurant. 
I swear... there is a point to venting about this in a fashion blog.  During my commute to work today, I laughed loudly during the entire time I was reading the "off the cuffs" column in the Express paper (  Betsy clearly gets it.  The tourists are annoying.  But, it's not just the tourists' actions that grate on your nerves.  It is what they wear.  Betsy cites some of the more frequent mishaps observed on a simple metro commute: mullets, fanny packs, white tube socks, light-washed denim, foam visors, and scrunchies (I mean really??  SCRUNCHIES??)  I will add some more: neon tie-dyed "DC" caps, pilly fleece jackets, old "insert U.S. city here" t-shirts, and socks with sandals.  The above picture depicts the most frequent sandal culprit that I have observed.  I saw a middle-aged lady walking around with elastic shorts, a pink Las Vegas t-shirt (with the city screened onto the shirt in alternating neon colors), a fleece vest (even though it was 85 degrees that day), faded black socks, and THOSE CLARK'S SANDALS.  I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit during the entire experience.


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  3. the verdict is unanimous on this one kids; GUILTY AS CHARGED. those clark's sandals, by their mere existence, is a crime against all that is decent in the world. they need to be locked up and throw away the keys!!!