Monday, June 28, 2010

Cute Color Combo--America!

It is hard to believe that we are already waving goodbye to the month of June!!  As we take a step forward into the month that holds our country's independence day, we busy ourselves with preparations for another beach weekend on the eastern shore, a bbq fest with our family and friends, and making decisions as to whether battling intolerable crowds in the District to view a giant, sparkly spectacle in the sky is wise--or not.  Last year, I had a few friends in town for the holiday weekend... and we took it upon ourselves to park illegally on GW Parkway just to watch the fireworks from the side of the Potomac.  While that was fun and all, I'm not sure if the feat will be repeated in 2010.
It was hard for me to pass up a "red, white, and blue" cute color combo, because like all other holidays, I do see me some ghastly apparel concoctions around the good ol' District as we creep closer to the 4th of July weekend.  I guess some individuals may find it appropriate to dress as though the American flag vomited its insides, but I tend to disagree.  There is no room here for cheap souvenir t-shirts that scream "FREEDOM" or "It is GOOD to be an American," or tacky Uncle Sam top hats with red, white, and blue sequined embellishments.  There is also no need to look like you splashed vivid doses of true red, true blue, or gleaming white all over yourself.  You want to pick one of those colors to make a statement?  Fine.  You want to don red, white, and blue stripes complete with a bouncing star antenna headband??  I will wish the worst upon you.
Here is an outfit that subtly displays the shades of our great nation... without causing a sudden desire to burn our flag.  I am quite aware that the belt is well outside the affordability range we normally feature, but it is quite the piece de resistance... don't you think?
*Forever21 - Sweet Couple Dress in Blue/White
*Bluefly - Yves Saint Laurent Textured Ring Belt in Deep Red
*Shoewoo - Nine West GlitzGlam Peeptoe Wedges in Light Brown Leather
*Forever21 - Leatherette Shoulder Bag in Cream
*Anthropologie - Little Larsen Posts in Cream

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