Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome to My Closet--Let's go Sailing!!

So, I took a lunch break yesterday at... where else??  My favorite-est place ever... Forever21.  Yup, that's right.  I braved the afternoon crowd of rowdy teenagers to go find the perfect pieces for my upcoming Miami/South Beach trip next week.  It's always hit or miss when you browse at a Forever21 location... unfortunately for my bank account, it's usually a hit for me.  :)  I found some very lovely additions to my summer wardrobe...
I LOVE this dress.  It's a great combination of flirty and girly.  You can dress it up or down!!  I'm very excited to put this dress to use.  I do recall it being an older item, so I doubt anyone will be able to find it in a Forever21 store.  I wish I could put up a link, but it's not online anymore!
I am very excited to try out these skirts, either with a top tucked in... or belted.  These are still online, so here are the links... F21 Satin Rose Skirt, F21 Dotted Knit Skirt, and F21 Ruffled Floral Skirt.


  1. The sailor dress you got is lovely and fun!! Ah.. and I know the frustrations of not finding the items that you like online at the store. F21 gets massacred like no other..

  2. i lied!! the dress just appeared on F21. :)