Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WTF--Holy Chrysanthemums

WTF indeed.  I got home from work today to find Anthropologie's July 2010 catalog waiting for me in the mail.  I generally enjoy this flipping experience, but today... I was faced with an evil too terrible for words.  On page 7, these three pairs of shoes were artfully arranged in a photograph on a lovely distressed hardwood floor.
Pray tell, what are these horrific items?  Anthropologie claims they are pumps worthy of payment in the $150 range, but I disrespectfully disagree.  To me, they resemble costume footwear from a Hansel and Gretel motion picture, perhaps even a cartoon.  I mean... sometimes, shoes can be a little garish if they are constructed for the sake of art.  In those instances, wearability is clearly not the focal point.  But--dear god Anthropologie.  Why do you wish to cause me such pain?  To boot (literally), they added the item below on the following page of the catalog:

Am I missing something here??  Did we suddenly transport into a time in fashion where the above pair of booties is considered attractive??  These "Blue Horizons" booties will run you a mere $188.  Let's see... for $188, I could buy:  a) the Cole Haan Carma Air sandals I've been eyeing; b) a round-trip flight to several nearby cities; c) an Amazon Kindle; d) a pair of good seats to the Lion King musical in Chicago... the list could go on and on.  Perhaps, I should invest in a pair of designer sunglasses to shield my corneas from the freak show going on above.  Not to mention, I just discovered these as I was gathering the photos for my arrangement above...
 I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.  Badly done Anthropologie, badly done.

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