Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trend to Try--Local Designers

As I was perusing the Fashion & Beauty section in the Washington Post the other day, I happened upon an article about rising local talents in the fashion design arena.  Amidst my feelings of longing and envy for the lives of these young style stars, I had some time to admire the men's dress shirts at Hugh and Crye, who recently opened a small brick and mortar in Georgetown.  While most men (and women for that matter) cannot afford the exquisite bespoke tailoring from the likes of Savile Row, a well-fitting dress shirt can take a guy a long way.  Hugh and Crye takes it one step further than standard department store sizing with their wide array of body type choices, and the absence of true custom tailoring keeps the prices reasonable.
My favorites are the Teddy Shirt in its stark white classic glory, the Girlfriend Shirt for its beautiful blue and snappy description for its alternative use, the Cartesia because of its traditional check pattern, and the New Boheme for its purple and blue take on a traditional pinstripe.  Maybe some lucky guy I know will find one in his closet, because the urge to buy a guy's clothing item as I browse Hugh and Crye's stock is surprisingly overwhelming!

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