Friday, August 27, 2010

Pure Lust--DandG...How I Adore Thee

I love hearing about my friend's aspirations to marry a duke (or insert any other title of royalty), live in a castle, never tally another billable hour, and traipse in your magnificent gardens with a Victorian novel.  Okay--let's get real.  She wants to live as a character IN a Victorian novel.  Me?  Sometimes I wander off in thought... and ponder how wonderful it would be to have a limitless credit card provided to me by some rich husband/father/old senile relative, and magically, the bill would be paid off in full after every month.  As I daydream in these late afternoon hours to the soft whirring of my space heater (yes, it's August--but damn, it's freezing) in my office, I think... would I even be an Ideeli member if I had such vast financial opportunities?  No, but Ideeli sale or not, I would covet this dress all the same.  Dolce and Gabbana's Trim Detail Dress is magnificent.  And yes--in this alternate universe--I would be about 20 lbs lighter (and maybe a few inches taller) so that I could properly pull off this silky number.

1 comment:

  1. this dress is just fabulous. if only i had the figure to do it justice. that is - assuming i could even afford it in the first place - which i can't. at least not in this lifetime! but you're right, one can always dream, and i've become quite good at that.