Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thou Shalt Not--Patron Ed Hardy

After a fun-filled evening overflowing with various types of white wine, I am slouched over in my office with the door closed, my pumps kicked off onto the floor, guzzling water--praying that someone will just come and put me out of my misery.  I took a short break to skim through today's sales on my usual line-up of Gilt Groupe, HauteLook, Ideeli, Ruelala, and various retailers... and I saw the Ed Hardy sale taking place at Ideeli...
Someone must explain to me why the design of these bags would make them a desirable purchase, because I am really having a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept.  According to Wikipedia, "In 2002, Hardy licensed Ku USA, Inc. to produce a line of clothing based on his art. Within two years, the collection had drawn the interest of Saks companies.  Hardy and Ku USA formed Hardy Life LLC, which holds the trademark ownership as well as the copyrights to all his images.  In 2004, Christian Audigier licensed the rights to produce the Ed Hardy clothing line, which is based on Hardy's imagery."  Don't even get me started on how distasteful I find the Audigier line.  I mean really??  Clothing and handbags based on tattoo art just seems like a bad idea... but that's just me.  Apparently, it's doing well enough to stay trendy for now, but I hope it joins the burial ground hosting deceased white trash Von Dutch trucker hats.  Ugh.

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