Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trend to Try--Paisley (the non-sperm kind)

I came back to the office this afternoon after some client site meetings, and yet again, I was floored with another fashion catastrophe.  Seriously, why would any designer at Michael Kors find the creation of this men's shirt okay?  Did he/she just have a mental conversation with him or herself... "Gee golly, I think an old lady's hankerchief would make a fabulous dress shirt for a guy."  Yeeeeeah~ big... fat... F-A-I-L.
I have had longstanding arguments with M about my general disdain for paisley.  I have always had a beef with the paisley print.  For the most part, subtlety is lost in the design.  Many paisley prints smack you straight in the face like a fart on a crowded metro car with its garish colors and dizzying swirls.  Other versions of the print give you the feeling that you are observing the journey of a school of sperm.  The monstrosity above makes my argument easier, as does the plethora of horrific paisley items out there (see my August 25 rant about preppy styles). 

That being said, I will admit that I have purchased a few paisley items post-Paisley argument, which reside in my closet today.  But, I still feel that a good paisley find is the exception.  After a quick search, I discovered some paisley options out right now that fall outside of the label..."fugly."  It's hard to go wrong with a black & white clothing item, especially a cream cardi with an interesting black print.  J.Crew's cardigan can be the perfect accompaniment to a bright-colored frock, or paired with a simple pencil skirt for the perfect classic look.  When I saw this Peter Pilotto dress, I simply breathed a sigh of relief upon noticing the ginormous price tag ($1,676), because I would have snapped it up just to stare at its head-turning glory in my closet.  The velvet number by Etro screamed fall weather, which was desirable in itself due to the scorching hot temperatures we have experienced in DC this week.  I do not even come close to having the body to pull off the Aoide Paisley Dress, but I fell in love with the swingy fringe detail used in the side panels.  It can also be winterized with some grey tights and boot(ies).  Finally, I allowed Michael Kors to redeem itself with a cute little tank dress in a pattern that is quite lovely with its orchid and black accents.
Last but not least--I love this Joie Campbell Paisley Shirtdress.  The shape is loose and comfortable, can also be winterized with some layers underneath, tights/leggings, and boot(ies)... but the sheer and flowy nature of its movement gives it a sex appeal that cannot be denied.  Love it.

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  1. Paisley is an ancient and classic print used all over the world; and, can be used in any design venue. As proven in your own rant, it is not the paisley pattern at fault but the choice of where and when to use it, which, after all, is a matter of personal taste. You disagree with Michael Kors choice and agree with the choice for the Joie Campbell Shirtdress. You at first declare that you have ALWAYS had a disdain for paisley but then turn around and state that you own paisley items, POST paisley argument, which does not mean “always”. It sounds more than not that you have a love/hate relationship with the paisley pattern. I myself embrace the beauty and history of the paisley pattern, but would not use it for everything. Your rant about a mere printed pattern reeks of a juvenile view of life in general and emotional instability. By the way, how is your blood pressure?