Thursday, September 2, 2010

Best and Worst Fashions at the U.S. Open

I freakin' love the Grand Slams.  During the two weeks that each one is televised, I really do not do much outside of work other than watch the matches.  While the tennis is riveting, observing all the different outfits is almost equally as entertaining. 
I will not even go through the trouble of re-posting this guy's opinions as to who was best and worst dressed at the U.S. Open.  Click here to see some beauties... and some eyesores.  I love Maria Sharapova's day and night dresses, but I have to disagree with his opinion on Ana Ivanovic.  I found it a gooey pink snore.  Caroline Wozniacki was rockin' the ruched number, but hell--if you are tall, leggy, blonde, and have a sparkling smile--you're always gonna look pretty darn good.  The Fed and Nadal are lookin' smart, as always.  Now, does Djokovic think he's starting an alternative line for Audigier in tennis apparel...???...because he did a pretty damn good job at making his Serbian self look like white trash.  Monfils... well... yeah.  And someone, for the love of god, please hire Nadia Petrova a stylist.  If Ellesse thinks that parading Petrova around in frills, ruffles, and circusy color combinations will sell more apparel, their marketing manager might want to take a second gander at the success rate of that misguided theory.

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