Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Fashion Week--Oh, to be a "Young and Casual Heiress"...

It's Fashion Week... which, really... is probably better than Christmas to someone like me.  I get to drool over the upcoming season's offerings... and tally up all the items I want, but cannot afford.  Masochistic?  Maybe.  Loads of fun?  Definitely.  I was in NYC this past weekend for the US Open, and while lamenting my absence from DC and the "Fashion's Night Out" event I rsvp'ed to with some gfs... my idiot brain completely forgot that I WOULD BE IN NYC DURING FASHION WEEK'S KICK-OFF WEEKEND.  I had remained clueless until my friend wanted to take me on a stroll down 5th Avenue just for sh*ts and giggles on our way to dinner.  I didn't get to go into any of the stores' events, but just walking down 5th Avenue was an experience in itself.  :)
Erin Fetherston's collection is entitled, "Pretty, Wearable Clothes for the Young and Casual Heiress"... and is accurately named.  She offers draped styles in breezy and beautiful fabrics, but mixes in structured classics like the trench coat.  Below are my top 10:

The shimmering neutrals exude pretty and girly, but the cuts of each item give them sophisticated flair.  The rich greens and reds were unexpected but welcome splashes of color.  The shorts suit is adorable, and the dress with the dramatic ruffle is to die for.  The mixture of sheer, decadent, and tweed fabrics keep the outfits fresh.  It is rare that I would want every item in any one designer's line, but this EF line takes the cake.  It. is. gorgeous.

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