Friday, March 4, 2011

FleurStyle Gets a Face Lift--Inside and Out

Good Morning Everyone!!  Happy Friday (it's been a long week)!!  So, as I was playing around on the blog yesterday, the black background was driving my eyes crazy for the first time.  I thought--maybe it was time for FS to get a makeover.  I hope everyone enjoys the new look. 
We will focus on the same concept here on the blog, but I hope to interject a few posts about a new topic of interest that I want to learn more about--GREEN fashion.  The desire to be friendlier to our planet has always been an interest of M's, but I also learn new things about how to reduce our carbon footprint regularly from J.  Therefore, I want it to be a part of the FS world.  I will continue to add more links to the "Green" Fashion section on the right as I discover them.  While it has nothing to do with fashion or style, I will post about the small container garden(s) I want to cultivate at the house (if I actually follow through).  If we join the local CSA like we plan on doing, I'll let y'all know how that turns out.
Another goal of mine is to try my hand at jewelry-making.  I'll post my DIY triumphs (or disasters) as they occur, so that everyone can revel in my success, or mock my failure. 


  1. Excited about the new conservation information addition!

  2. Love the new look! Have always wanted to try and make my own cufflinks. If you learn any tricks in your jewlery making, please pass them along.