Monday, March 28, 2011

Trend to Try--Ikat, You Kat, We All Kat for...

A print that has emerged as an "it" print lately is ikat.  Frankly, I really didn't like it, and I am still not convinced to invest in the trend.  However, I know that I have exhibited stubbornness in accepting other prints in my life (yes, M is very aware of my longstanding hatred against paisley), so I decided to try and maintain an open mind.  After seeing icky iterations of way TOO much South American "flair" for my taste, Nordstrom recently rewarded my patience with the lovely piece below:
Maggy London Ikat Cotton Sateen Sheath Dress
I really love the combination of colors.  I think when I had observed ikat prints in the past... it was usually a muddled variation of one color with a few stripes of white mixed in between.  This color palette is exciting, and it really shows off the intricate pattern.  Orange is one of the most adored colors this spring, so I love the small bits of orange punch within the dress.  Grey has lately been my most adored neutral, so that adds a lot of appeal to me.  The white keeps it light, and the touches of black make it eye-catching.  You can add a pair of soft grey suede cutout heels, some blingy metallic peeptoe pumps, or simple black peeptoe pumps suitable for any work environment.  My recommendation on jewelry?  Keep it simple--no need to add more fuss to a busy print.  Add an understated gold link bracelet and diamond posts for the office, or prim it up with some pearl studs and necklace.  Taking the dress out on a dinner date?  Layer different gold-toned bracelets, a sparkly cocktail ring, and some fun chandelier earrings.  If you prefer necklaces, layer a few gold-toned necklaces for some subtle gleam.  Regardless of what you choose, it will be hard not to notice your lovely ensemble!!

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  1. i'll admit i'm not much a fan of ikat prints. i LOVE LOVE LOVE paisley, but ikat....not so much. but this dress has changed my mind. so pretty!