Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Day-after St. Patrick's Day!!

I'm happy to report that I am not hung over and, therefore, am (thankfully) not curled under my desk wishing death upon myself.  I was able to enjoy a couple Hoegaardens last night and call it quits before anything got out of hand.  GO.  ME.  Hey, it's the little things in life that you can try and use to feel good about yourself.  ;)
Nine West Protoe Peeptoe Wedge
I recommended these shoes in a burnished yellow last spring/summer to a friend whose wardrobe I was redoing on the cheap.  I still love them... and the kelly green shade is quite fitting for the post.  Hopefully, whether you're feeling a bit groggy or not, they will brighten your day!

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  1. i am wearing a dove grey sheath dress to work today and can't help but think how much better my outfit would be if i had these green shoes. sigh.