Thursday, March 31, 2011

Following Up--The Ditty on the Midi

M made a good point about my post on the midi skirt trend.  First, People StyleWatch's example of the midi skirt was not a good one.  Second, the skirt style that Kate Bosworth wore in that photo reflected the worst kind of midi skirt.  Third, her entire outfit lacked any color and was just so blah.  I should have just done my due diligence, and researched further into the runway world for better examples.  While the midi trend is still not for my short and stumpy frame, the Prabal Gurung Spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection made it clear that there are some body types out there that can pull it off (i.e. listen up you Heidi Klum types--whom I hate). 
Compare the above outfit with the supposed "sex appeal" of Kate Bosworth's outfit on People StyleWatch.  Exactly.  This black and white combination is the epitome of sex appeal.  Come on PSW.  You can do better than that.
I just want to wrap myself in this luxurious nude silk.  It looks incredibly comfy, yet incredibly sophisticated.  I love the shoe choice too.  Nude ankle wrap heeled sandals are so perfect!!
The fresh and colorful orange and aqua make me incredibly envious of this model's ability to wear the midi trend.  The tapered midi skirt gives the model great shape (unlike the frumpy hippie skirt Kate Bosworth chose), and the tailored lines from top to bottom do her long and lean frame great justice.  There are those great nude ankle wrap heeled sandals again!!
So, I guess I sort of eat my words.  Midi skirts can be done.  Just follow Prabal Gurung's example. 

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