Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yay or Nay--Boo on "Midi" Skirts

I am short.  This has been a fact of my life since I was, ohhh, in the fifth grade and started to wonder why everyone was growing and I wasn't.  As I grew more fashion-conscious, the importance of choosing the right hemlines became more apparent.  I am super finicky about where my pant hems end.  I prefer them to almost touch the ground.  If skirts or dresses end more than two inches below my knees, it irks me because I feel frumpified.  Unfortunately, I spend a lot of cash altering almost everything I buy, because petite sizing is still a bit off on my 4'11" frame.  If only the beings above had taken a couple inches away from my brother (who is a bit over 6 feet)... and blessed me with the ability to be above 5 feet... I think my life would be a lot easier on the tailoring front.
Anyways--enough whining from me.  The whole point of that vent was to put my dislike of the "midi" skirt trend on record.  In theory, it's a trend that women should enjoy because it embraces a more effortless and comfortable style.  However--imho--it just doesn't work.
Image Courtesy of People StyleWatch
The blurb alongside of this photo of Kate Bosworth reads:  "A mid-calf skirt might be practical – but this season's spin is anything but prim. Kate Bosworth shows how to counterbalance the longer look with a sexy, arm-baring tank."  Okay--I'm sorry, but how does the black tank top counterbalance this skirt with any amount of sex appeal?  If a rail-thin blonde with a flawless milky complexion can't make it look non-frumpified, the rest of us are doomed.  Especially those, like me, who are challenged in the growth department.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. i, too, am short. just a teensy bit over the 5 foot mark. so i know exactly where you're coming from. however, i do like the midi-skirt look, especially if you were blessed with long legs. i think the photo above isn't the best example of this look because that's just an ugly outfit, period. regardless of the hemline.